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Integrating Your Business’ Technology

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Are your technologies like islands in the stream of information? How well do they work together when the stream turns into a torrent? Do your legacy e-mail, CRM, and accounting systems cooperate effortlessly or are you firefighting your technology all the time? If you are having trouble integrating the technologies that have been around for decades how on earth will you integrate something like social media? How will you deal with the revolution that is underway, as new technologies proliferate across the globe and mesh together in new ways?

Organizations have long invested in a variety of systems to manage operations and meet goals. But these technologies have been evolving frenetically out of step with each for at least 20 years. Putting the marketing hype aside, there is no singular, elegant system that turns a lead into a quote into a sale into revenue into a satisfied repeat client, wrapped in good internal communications and tied up with a legally compliant bow.

technology integrationIT departments and C-suite leaders get tangled up in Gordian knots trying to manage these legacy systems. Time and money that could have been spent making the business more successful are diverted to keeping up with these technology clusters and associated vendors.

The problem gets worse as your clients migrate to social media. As social channels evolve to keep users locked into their proprietary ecosystems, they create their own workflows. What feels like interconnectedness among social media users is a maddening disconnect for businesses’ IT, marketing, and management. Throw mobile and apps into the mix and the learning curves become almost impossibly steep with uncertain ROI as the reward.

Untying this technology knot is the highest priority of huge corporations like Google and Apple; how can smaller businesses compete?

As you read this, the world you sell and compete in is being stood on its head. The increasingly rapid advance and decentralization of technology means that your costs, reach, and competition are all undergoing fundamental changes. Your clients will no longer conduct commerce through large, centralized institutions, but through the global mesh of humans linked by technology. To navigate this change most successfully, businesses of all sizes need to adapt

That is where Infinize comes into the picture. Rather than you starting the conversation from scratch, alone, we will assess the current state of your IT infrastructure, marketing, and CRM; make recommendations that are attainable for businesses of your size; and get you up to speed in navigating the technology transformation. As a service company with a track record of success, we are committed to providing you with clear vision and actionable plans that will reduce your risks and increase your corporate success.

You will succeed or fail based on how well you integrate your technology, intellectual property, and vision into the mesh. Let Infinize show you the way to get there with your kind of budget, staffing, and goals.

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