About Infinize

Bill Abrams

Bill is an experienced entrepreneur and advisor who has successfully created, managed, and advised businesses of all sizes and types from small firms with four employees to Fortune 500 companies. Bill’s unique and diverse life experiences have embodied multi-million-dollar real estate and property developments, innovative software development, technology companies, bio-chemistry breakthroughs, and world championship offshore racing. By providing concise and efficient guidance, Bill helps C-Level Executives enhance their company’s strategic vision and corporate stewardship while reducing internal risk and leveraging innovation.

Brian Cavanagh

Brian is an experienced IT Strategy and Business Consultant with a track record of helping organizations to understand the risks, threats and opportunities that technology provides, and establishing a clear vision for how move their organization forward. Brian has co-developed of a suite of security analytic and data infometric tools that enable Infinize to develop a Strategic IT Vision for our clients. We use these tools to understand risks and opportunities inherent within IT Infrastructure, information stores and social media presence for our clients, then develop a Strategic Vision and a plan to achieve it. Before joining Infinize, Brian spent 15+ years as a consultant, managing software development and complex systems integration projects.

David Bellso

For the past 32 years David F. Bellso has been consulting with B2B and B2C clients on how to build brands that unite and excite. David brings experience across many different disciplines and industries with exceptional business smarts, a unique sense of sales and skills, creativity, and a deep dedication to his clients. In his 30 plus years’ experience, he has helped launch an airline, a meal replacement franchise, three other B2B businesses, numerous products, services and internal employee sales programs. When not working you will find him enjoying Syracuse University Basketball, golf and his two children, Julianna and Jennifer. He also donates his time and talents to several non-profits and other organizations.

Douglas Spossey

As an experienced graphic and web designer Douglas has been instrumental in delivering skillfully crafted solutions to our wide range of Clients. His wide-ranging understanding of web and print design allows Infinize to make a remarkable contribution to our client’s web and social media presence and helps deliver a refined message to our clients target audience. In the past Douglas has worked as a freelance designer working with a plethora of clients who range from start up to fortune 500.

Mark Eischen

Mark is a writer and producer with over 15 years of experience in the broadcast radio and television industry. Before joining Infinize, Mark spent several years as the Creative Director of a video production company in New York. In addition to writing and directing historical documentary films, Mark has created hundreds of successful corporate videos and commercial campaigns for local and national clients.

Bob Metz

Bob is a Systems Design and Configuration specialist in information security, architecture, design and implementation. With a strong auditing background and with skills in internal controls and process audit in Fortune 500 companies Bob has held principal roles in the identification, development, maintenance and implementation of projects of various size and scope across the sectors of Banking, Financial Management, Health Care, and Manufacturing.

Dave Walsh

Dave is a results-oriented consultant with broad expertise in Human Resources, business management, and ethics and compliance. Dave previously served as an HR executive and Chief Ethics Officer for a Fortune 500 company. He now focuses on helping small and medium sized businesses develop effective HR policies and procedures and helps in assuring that clients are in compliance with a wide range of regulatory requirements.

Matt Snyder

Matt is the head of marketing for a $50M organization in upstate New York. He oversees branding, public relations, marketing, advertising, and digital strategies. As a member of the executive leadership, Matt counsels C-suite colleagues on reputation management and employee relations and serves as chief media spokesman and crisis communications lead. Matt has 19 years’ marcomm experience in primarily in the Washington, D.C. and Central New York regions and has been nationally recognized for his achievements in information design and marketing. Matt’s blogging and consulting focus on the intersection of communications theory and commerce.

Ron Heilmann

Ron teaches that in corporate cultures, behaviors and outcomes are all driven by relationships. He is a leader among mediators, with more than 40 years’ experience helping people and organizations work through their relationships individually, in pairings, and in larger groups. In addition to his MSW from Indiana University, Ron is one of the first people to be certified by the Mediation Training Institute International, among many other professional accolades and certifications. Creator and director of the Mediation Network of Syracuse, he has extensive professional and volunteer experience in the non-profit, health care, and government sectors and in family businesses. His expertise in managerial mediation equips senior and middle managers to act as mediators, so that they can solve problems in their teams before those problems become embedded in the corporate culture.