A New Paradigm to Share Data

We are on the verge of a new world—a wireless, decentralized world that is more highly interconnected than ever. Our technology enables societies to fundamentally change the costs, efficiency, and global reach of all digital services. Our mission is to provide access to online content in a way that is both economically and environmentally sustainable.

Our new, affordable option for online content is called The Local Cloud.


How Does It Work?

Infinize’s lightweight, distributed operating system wirelessly interconnects consumer premised devices to form a low-cost, peer-to-peer data hub that provides the back-office infrastructure supporting the delivery of information and services. The Local Cloud reduces dependence on legacy infrastructure to enable network providers to reach customers at lower price points.

As we grow, we continue to build Local Clouds and begin to interconnect them, which enables more applications and increases the value of the Infinize-powered network.

Our Vision: Build the Sustainable Global
Foundation for Web 3.0

Because they are so cost-effective to deploy, Local Clouds can be profitable in any geography or demographic population worldwide. Interconnected Local Clouds become the enabling cornerstone of Web 3.0, not just for the wealthy few, but for all people:

  • Local Clouds make sustainable connectivity available to the entire planet.
  • Local Clouds provide low-latency, low-cost storage that the Metaverse and emerging Web 3.0 apps will need.
  • Local Clouds monetize traffic to the device level, enabling a new Web 3.0 economy where it was neither feasible nor profitable before.

Infinize is how the Web 3.0 Metaverse will be built: Affordably and Sustainably!



Infinize SolarCloud: A New Paradigm for Greening the Data Center Market

Digital infrastructure poses a growing carbon emissions threat to our planet. As 3 billion more people come online, as each connected person generates 1.7MB per second, and as the world’s population grows by 1.3 billion by 2035, it will become even more vital to seek innovative, environmentally sound data processing services. At this rate, communications technology is projected to consume 21 percent of the world’s electricity by the end of this decade.

Infinize’s first product, the Infinize SolarCloud, solves the global carbon challenge with proprietary wireless technology that is  both economically and environmentally sustainable.

SolarCloud is a solar-powered, edge cloud that enables network providers at any scale to serve customers at lower price points, with reduced Capex, and with a greatly reduced carbon footprint.

SolarCloud is:

  • Wireless, solar-powered, distributed data hub firmware running on consumer-premised devices.
  • A solution to serve data locally instead of moving it through remote cloud infrastructure, reducing the carbon impact of data center cooling.
  • Installed on consumer-premised equipment lightweight enough to be powered renewably (by solar or other means) and without cooling.
  • Launched to serve use cases including messaging, e-mail, social media, education, telemedicine, and entertainment video and gaming.

SolarClouds Offset Data Center Carbon Impacts

By even the most conservative estimates, SolarCloud rollout will prevent 812 million tons of carbon emissions by 2035 (cumulative). The total impact will almost certainly be orders of magnitude greater over time, as it becomes possible to scale up new markets and use cases more profitably and sustainably.

That represents an 83 percent reduction in global carbon emissions from data center services.

The SolarCloud network creates a new opportunity to create a market for carbon offset credits related to cloud networking and data centers.

  • SolarCloud firmware makes it possible to sustainably connect the entire planet
  • Enabling all people to benefit from the new Web 3.0 economy
  • While reducing the power and carbon requirements of the cloud


Infinize for Global Equity in Connectivity

Infinize offers an elegant solution to NGOs and government entities investing in bringing more people online.

Our solution enables sustainable connectivity for people in any emerging market who can’t afford today’s prices for hierarchical LTE, satellite, or other network models. An Infinize powered network self-organizes and liberates its host communities from the ongoing Opex and upgrade requirements associated with traditional networks.



Cost Savings and New Market Opportunities

Infinize’s customers are local network providers who deploy, install, and support our data hub firmware onto local consumer-premised equipment (universal, white-box CPE equipment today; any smart appliance in the future). Infinize also partners with content and application providers who serve revenue-generating services to paying customers over equipment running our solution.

Infinize Local Clouds securely process data services and all payments locally, creating a neutral host network for delivery and monetization of any application at the edge.

Not only does Infinize technology help our customers deploy any application profitably, it also:

  • De-risks providers’ cost to overbuild into new markets.
  • Enables new business models and price points that radically increase a provider’s addressable market.
  • Enables providers to defer network upgrades until far into the future, avoiding the massive Capex and Opex demands of traditional, centralized networks.


Infinize for Global Platform Companies

The world’s largest platform companies face a triple threat:

  • The same rising cost of carbon emissions that affects network providers
  • Changing consumer behaviors that make prior competitive moats irrelevant or no longer profitable
  • Growing, global headwinds to massive, centralized platforms’ control over the Web’s enabling infrastructure

Infinize solves all three problems, enabling platform companies and their partners to manage real estate at the network edge in decentralized fashion. By adopting our solution, platforms address consumer preferences and political realities of Web 3.0, and become the de facto gateway for all networked services running over the wireless network.

Infinize for Content and Application Providers


The market for consumer-facing content and applications has grown increasingly fragmented and competitive.

Simultaneously, application providers’ costs of delivering content to consumer screens has cut into their margins.

These providers use an Infinize-powered network to serve and deliver their traffic to local consumers, at lower cost than using a traditional hierarchical network. It lowers the bar to entry in new markets, enables customer acquisition at greatly reduced cost, and makes it possible for providers to invest more in creating new, compelling content.

Infinize for Cable and Other Network Operators

Network operators have been locked in a fratricidal, 50-year battle to capture consumers’ homes and devices. The Capex and Opex requirements of this battle have drained operators’ balance sheets and sapped their competitiveness.

Infinize makes it possible for network operators to co-exist profitably, or capture market share, with an affordable means to overbuild and operate in new territories. Infinize expands operators’ addressable markets, lowers the cost of customer acquisition, and expands the use cases and profit opportunities a provider can serve.

Further, Infinize eliminates the need to constantly invest in head-end and core network upgrades to offset the impacts of increased data traffic.



Infinize for Satellite Providers

The global market for satellite connectivity is constrained by heavy up-front Capex and asymmetrical upload/download speeds. Local Cloud deployments address both challenges by enabling satellite-served traffic to be served locally, with minimal centralized-cloud processing. Infinize extends the reach and profitability of any network that uses satellites for backhaul.

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